3. i keeps yo art lookin fresh

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  6. You will be able to see on the darkest night, if you grease your eyes with the blood of a bat.

  7. If the rope breaks as a person is being hanged, the prisoner must be freed.

  8. The direction in which you hear the call of the first dove of spring is the direction towards which you will soon travel.

  9. Tonight, a gaurd, not following the rules, leaves the peephole ajar. I wait a while to see what will happen but it remains open. Standing on tiptoe, I peer out. There’s a narrow corridor, and across from my cell I can see at least two other doors. Indeed, I have a full view of two doors. What a sensation of freedom! An entire universe added to my Time, that elongated time which hovers over me oppressively in the cell. Time, that dangerous enemy of man, when its exsistence, duration, and eternity are virtually palpable.
    — Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number
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